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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Still Here

It's been an ebb and flow of family and friends lately.

Laughter and tears.

Wiggles and giggles.

A thousand mile road trip in our new-used car, packed to the gills with luggage and kids.

Living in a hotel room for ten days and being adopted by the staff.

Meeting extended family members for the first time and saying good-bye to others.

Homeschool, social gatherings and sending the youngest boy off to preschool.

And that little princess... she turns TWO next weekend!

I haven't been reading or writing blogs for over a month. But, I'm ready to jump back on track and ride this blog out to the end of the year—and beyond.

Keep your chin up and smile!

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  1. Wow..love your pics and the way you did them so artistically. When I finish my 2nd book's first draft...we'll need to interview each other on our blogs. I'm 10 chapters from the finish...I see a pin hole of light at the end of the tunnel, finally!