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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soggy Blog

Yawn. It's close to bedtime but I haven't written anything more than a few e-mails and a FaceBook status today. The need to put thoughts into words, to feel the letters and spaces flow effortlessly through my finger tips, was too difficult to ignore.

Sometimes I feel the need to write on paper. The mesh of print/cursive—that I was always corrected by the students for using when substituting in elementary school—is therapeutic some days. Especially when using one of my favorite Profile Paper Mate pens. The act of moving the pen over paper is art itself.

But other times, like tonight, I need the soft music of the keyboard—the gentle sound created is just enough to fill the void on a finally quiet night. Seeing the words fill the screen allows me to feel that I'm accomplishing something, even though I cheat and use a size 14 font.

It's been a long day. From standing in line at the local Wal-Mart Supercenter for 30 minutes because their debit/check/credit card server was down to having to rush to a pediatrician appointment for the princess (no worries, it was her two year check-up) to dealing with the oldest child's meltdown (and not backing down on the repercussions.) Yes, it's been a long day!

And why am I blabbing about nothing? I suppose it's about writing and life, as usual, but there is a deeper meaning behind this blog.


Plain and simple. I'm avoiding my W.I.P. because I've spent over a month working on a short story. And this past week I've added a non-fiction magazine article to the mix so Corroded has been wilting in the heat of the southern summer. Well, hopefully its smoldering, but I feel so removed from it that I can't help but think it's less than it was... that I'm not able to return to the hundred plus pages without the storyline falling into the abyss of flatly written mush.

So, instead I choose to write a squishy blog. At least I've filled up a page in my document file. Any writing counts, right?

And to go along with this soggy puddle, here's the first poem I have record of writing, way back at eleven years old.


Trees grow, very slow.
By the sea and by me.
They grow in lawns and by ponds.
Very slow do they grow.


  1. Carrie, I had the exact same feelings when I was changing In the Shadow of Sin to third person. Sooner or later, after TWO full years of not writing creatively would be upon me. I was petrified. But as I read the chapter before what I needed to add..that got me in the mood and I started writing a chapter and that turned into three and I ended up writing 3 chapters a day until I finished the first draft. Of course I have the luxury of being home alone and my hours cut back at work....so had large spans of time for writing. And yes, ANY writing counts in my book...because you are using your mind to put thoughts into words....that is like priming a pump...it takes a little water poured into it before it revs up and starts drawing water out of the fountain.Don't worry about the muse...she will come when you least expect her....you'll be in the middle of a blog or on facebook and BAM, it will hit you what you need to do to get that WIP going full speed ahead!

  2. I absolutely agree about needing both pen and paper and the click of keys. I'm more productive with keys - and have less hand cramping - but there is something nearly nastalgic about writing with a pen. I can hardly believe I just said pens are nastalgic...

    I can appreciate where you are with your WIP, too. A few years ago, I wrote 103 pages and quit. I wasn't in love with my characters or the story - and, most likely, it sucked. However, I appreciate the exercise of trying. I also appreciate musings of squishy blogs. :)

  3. LOVE what you wrote here...and can SOOOOO relate!!! Sometimes I wonder WHY I need to write. Why not just blow it all off and take up golf (he, he...right!) But something always pulls me back... When I'm done, when I've made a true effort, I sit back all "fat and happy"...until it's tomorrow...and time to write again. Keep up the writing...and I'll keep reading. You're very talented!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's so nice not to feel alone. :)

  5. Hi Darlin' - yes, writing even a squishy,soggy bloggy blog counts. YOU count - every thought, every action, every concept counts. Any action that gets us through the tough times count.

    You are an exceptional woman, and I am so proud to be related to YOU. I love you, Darlin'!

    Aunt Mary