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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Little Princess turned one on Friday. She slept through most of her dinner party- thank you, Nana, for preparing the turkey feast- but was in good spirits when she woke up from her late nap. I allowed her to eat an ice cream cone cupcake without eating dinner. (She enjoyed the left-overs Saturday for lunch.)

She did keep her tiara on long enough for me to get several great photos of her wearing it. I had to get a doll stroller for her present- girls are fun to buy for! Thankfully Fisher-Price makes a sturdy stroller for toddlers. Of course big brothers have enjoyed playing with it, too. Whether it's because large, pink toys are a novelty or because it allows them to push something while running and crashing remains an enigma.

The most memorable moment... well, at least the funniest... was when she opened (with help) some clothes and actually held them up to admire them and exclaimed “oooh!” Such a girlie moment! When opening clothing gifts my boys always throw them behind their backs and grab for the next gift. Classic!

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