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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm participating in a month long writing challenge hosted by Laurie Halse Anderson called “Write Fifteen Minutes a Day” (WFMAD). Laurie Halse Anderson is one of my favorite authors- check out her latest book Wintergirls. She did WFMAD last summer as well and I wrote every day except twice and they were on Sundays. The Sabbath is suppose to be a day of rest so I didn't feel guilty about missing those few days.

For last year's WFMAD I was on a roll with a story. It's one I started piecing together back in 2002. I had character bios/photos, maps, and about seven pages before I started WFMAD. By the end of the writing month last summer it had grown to about thirty-eight pages with lots of updates and tweaking of characters. Yes, I averaged a page a day. For a mom who hadn't spent much time writing in the past decade that was HUGE!

I kept going a few days after the challenge ended but the document has been untouched since then- rotting away its forty pages.

Of course I have good excuses: about a month later I gave birth to baby number three and everything I'd established fell through the grates. Even that last month of pregnancy was void of any logical or creative thinking. I was on autopilot. Sorting and reorganizing baby clothes was about all I was good for, beyond caring for my boys of course. Excuses, in three varied sizes!

So here I sit, a year later, over a week into the WFMAD challenge and I still haven't touched my manuscript. I don't want to write anything until I reread it because that helps me get in the flow. And I've been avoiding reading it. But how do I find the flow without reading?

I can't!

I'm off to read so I don't have the excuse of not working on it. Plus, I'm giving myself homework... more on that next week.


  1. I knew I recognized you from somewhere!! It's so good to see you! [Figuratively] How are you doing? Gosh, it's been six or so years since we left Mobile. Are you still in the same ward? How is life? UPDATE me please!!!
    I didn't know you had two more kids! I bet they're sweethearts. [Thankfully, my mom stopped at #6 lol].

    You should keep writing. Be the next Stephenie Meyer [Oh I do hope you read the Twilight series]. Its funny that you should blog about that. Our family, for the last year or so has been participating in a W.I.G. [Writer's Interest Group], at our library. It's really really interesting!! We've got several teachers in attendence who help tweak, edit, and give general ideas..and there are town-wide writer's conferences every couple months. It really helps get one over writer's block...plus we discuss really cool books while were at it. We are all working on different writing projects. Really neat!

    Write back! Hope life has found you right as rain! And let me know how you happened to stumble upon my blog! I'm glad you did!


  2. Anisha,
    Hey! I'm friends with your mom on Facebook. She doesn't update very often but a few weeks ago she mentioned your blog and I checked it out. Are you on FB, too? Add me if you are. If not have your mom open her friends list and go look at my photos on there. I don't post my family members' names on here for privacy reasons but on FB everything is set to "friends only" so there are lots of cute pictures of my little ones. (And my not so little one- the oldest is getting tall!)
    Yes, I've read the Twilight series. I own a "Team Jacob" t-shirt. :)
    I enjoy your blog- keep writing!

  3. TEAM JACOB!!!! MY FAVORITE! I have a Jacob wall in my room..devoted to Taylor Lautner. :] and a shirt too! I've loved him for years...
    no I don't have a facebook anymore..had to break the social-network addiction [I pulled 36 straight hours online, only getting off for the bathroom; so i can't do that anymore!] i'll look at your photos on mom's. Thanks!